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MoP Raid Strats that I would like to use

so in the next few posts I make I will be writing up strats that I have seen on the beta bosses for the first three bosses, the fights don't look to hard except for the third which is bugged in beta for now these should be the first bosses we will...
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Critical RAID strat.

No pants must be worn. If pants are worn we wipe and die. TyIggy.
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Studying Raids

I don't know how much this applies to today's raids but back in the ICC days i used to study the raid on tank-spot. They have great guides with videos and explanations. I'm sure many of you are already aware of them but i just wanted to put it out...
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I've been taking logs the past 2 weeks and putting them on Simplicity's calendar so if you're interested you can find logs of the raids here.
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Raiding Tank

So we are going to be looking for a Tank for our Sun-Mon regular raiding times. Preference would be a well geared DK or Bear, since that token is pretty full, someone who doesn't need a lot of the gear is a plus. Keep your eyes on the look out!
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