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New Loot Rules for MOP Raiding!
  • MS over OS.

What this means is that if there are two DPS strength users, they both have to get at least one MS during the run, and if another strength DPS item drops (ring, neck, trinket) they get to roll again rather than having it going to OS. This way, we're gearing our main spec's first and will be able to progress faster. Once our main spec's are geared, we'll then go back to rolling on gear for OS gear.

  • Tokens are considered MS only unless no one can use it, then it will be rolled on as OS.

The same rule applies as above, but I expect no one to roll for another token if you had already won, one that raid lock out until the rest of the people on your token have won a token. This way, there's no looting hogging.

  • BOE's are considered MS only.
  • Patterns require you to be maxed, link it, then roll for it.
  • All unused BOE's, crafting material, and patterns will be saved for the guild bank.
  • Mounts are always a free roll.
Guild Perks
Fast track Mount up Mr popularity Cash flow Fast track2 Reinforce Hasty hearth Reinforce2 The doctor is in Mobile banking Mr popularity2 Honorable mention Working overtime The quick and the dead Cash flow2 Guild mail For great justice Honorable mention2 For great justice2 Ride like the wind Working overtime2 Bountiful bags Bartering Mass resurrection