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As I'm sure many of you are aware you are able to keep 25 completed dailies in your quest log ready to hand in on launch night. This gives you the ability to exit the first MoP zone quicker than players not using this strategy. The quicker you leave that first zone the quicker you can distance yourself from the mass of players stealing your quest mobs/items.

I have my log full and ready to go already so I thought I'd give you guys a run down.

It is vital that you minimize travel time between turning these dailies in so you can get to Pandaria ASAP. I found the best way to do this is to split your completed dailies between the Molten Front and Tol Barad. Between these 2 zones you are able to fill your log with dailies that offer 69.4k xp per quest (There is 1 or 2 molten front quests that only offer 55k so be sure to double check using wowhead or going onto beta).

*With the guild perk "Fast Track - Rank 2" those 69.4k xp quests turn into 76.3k xp quests.

Keep in mind that filling your log will take MORE THAN ONE DAY if you use only TB and MF dailies.

The list of completed quests I have ready to go include
Molten Front:
A Bitter Pill
Aggressive Growth
Burn Victims
Hostile Elements
Rage Against the Flames
Some Like It Hot
Supplies for the Other Side
The Call of the Pack - This is one of the mini boss quests. You must turn in the first part to get to this one. It is worth more XP than the first part.
The Protectors of Hyjal
Traitors Return

Tol Barad:
A Huge Problem
Clearing the Depths
Learning From the Past
Swamp Bait
The Imprisoned Archmage
The Leftovers

*Note: These can only be picked up while the Alliance control TB
*Double Note: Although Alliance must control TB to acquire the above quests we DO NOT need to control it to turn them in. An NPC named "Captain Jake Sones" at the Baradin Base Camp will allow you to turn these in regardless of who controls the island

Tol Barad Peninsula:
Bombs Away!
Boosting Morale
Finish The Job
Leave No Weapon Behind
Taking the Overlook Back
Teach A Man to Fish.... Or Steal
The Forgotten
Thinning the Brood
WANTED: Foreman Wellson

*Keep in mind these quests will vary as they cycle everyday. It took me 2 days to acquire these quests since not enough appear in 1 day. There are a total of 18 quests in TB.

Now the day before MoP hits you'll want to log out at the "Sanctuary of Malorne" in Mount Hyjal. When servers go live you will log in and turn in the quests you have there. You will then go to the Molten Front portal and turn in the remaining MF dailies.

After you finish up in Hyjal you will want to hearth to SW. At this point you will get the MoP intro quest to go to the SW Keep (ignore this for now). Proceed to the Tol Barad portal and turn in all your TB dailies at the Baradin Base Camp. Now zone back into SW via the TB portal.

Fly to the keep as you should have auto-accepted the intro quest. You will be taken to a cut scene upon entering... skip this to regain some time. From there you will get the next quest to head up to the airship hovering over SW Harbor. The Captain is on the top of the ships cabin. She will port you to Pandaria.

From there it's pretty straight forward. The entire process should take less than 5mins from the time you start turning in dailies to the time you're on the ground in Pandaria.

The all important numbers:
25 dailies + Pandaria intro quest line = 2,164,268xp or just about 16.7% of your next level for 5mins of quest turn-ins

You MUST RELOG when MoP goes live in order to reset the quests so they offer an XP reward instead of a max level gold reward.

The quest should display the XP value at the bottom along with the gold. If it just shows gold you will not recieve the XP.

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